I have eight brothers + sisters, nieces + nephew are multiplying by the minute and I've been photographing families for nearly 15 years. Being asked to document family legacies is an incredible honor and I know that as much as these images mean to you right now, their importance just grows over time and they will be priceless to you later in life, and later in your children's lives, as they're handed down from generation to generation. I try to approach every session with that in mind and I urge you to take a couple seconds to think of that in the middle of frantically trying to schedule a session for this year's holiday photo, or to check a box for a milestone in your kid's life.

I can't wait to tell your family's story. 

A little about my story: I grew up in central Minnesota, surrounded by lakes + woods in every direction, then went to school in Duluth, jumped around London + Dublin for a couple years, and have spent the past decade splitting my time between Minneapolis and Seattle, which means I get to have one foot in both of my favorite places on Earth (and a LOOOOOT of miles on my car courtesy I-90/94). I live this beautiful life with my husband, Jeff, and our giant dogs (a Newfoundland named Wyatt + a Saint Bernard named Cricket!). 

When I put down my camera I generally pick up a beer and head to stage right at a concert, or a frisbee and take off into the woods, or a paddle to head upstream in my kayak or I grab my camera again to create photos for the best companies and organizations around. 


We’re lucky enough to have a new photographer on the Hello Buffalo team: Thea!

Her approach is to capture the energy and spirit of each occasion. Her process involves striking a balance between portraiture and photojournalism, taking care with composition, gently guiding the shot, yet not stepping in the way of the natural progression.

She believes your photos shouldn't look like everyone else's. They should look like yours.

She’s a total delight and we’re lucky to have her to take great care of families + kiddos when Sara is unavailable and to offer her very own specialty sessions.

To read more about her welcome to the HB family, jump over to the blog.

Photo by  Canary Grey

Photo by Canary Grey


Video by the amazing Maribeth Romslo during the Senn & Sons Cozy Campers photo shoot. 

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