Kathleen + Derek + Cole

There was a point in my business where I wasn't booking sessions with the perfect clients for me. I was leaving sessions a little uninspired and not connecting strongly to the families that were calling me so I knew I had to do a gut-check to look at how everything was structured, and stop listening to what the photography industry was telling me I should do and instead focus inward to see what felt right. I pulled it apart and put it back together again in a way that I felt stronger about and shortly after I did Kathleen called me to book newborn sessions for her and Derek's brand new little baby, Cole

It's obvious that restructuring my business was the right decision because Kathleen + Derek + Cole are the exact people that I want to be creating lasting images for, and I get so excited every time they book another session. These guys are the sweetest, most loving, people and I'm grateful to be able to document their growth as a family. Cole is growing into such an incredible, hilarious, curious little man and I already can't wait for next time. 

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