Jose + Lindsay + Matea + Antonia at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

This sweet family is currently living in Abu Dhabi and was in Minneapolis this summer to visit friends + family and to welcome a fourth member into their family. They were living close to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, so it seemed like the perfect place to document their time back in Minneapolis (little did we know that they were actually closing the Sculpture Garden and were hoisting sculptures out of there all around us as we were shooting). 

Matea is a little ball of energy (read: 3 years old) and I can only imagine the trouble that she and Antonia are going to get into together in a couple of years; it's bound to be both hilarious and adorable. 3 year olds are so much fun to photograph because their curiosity, combined with their brutal honesty, is unmatched and Matea definitely had me laughing the entire time. 

Huge thanks to Neil, another rad Minneapolis photographer, for sending these guys my way. As you can see, they were the best.