Kathleen + Derek + Cole Adventure to the State Fair

I always feel like I have to wait to put up a blog post until I have the exact right words, but I'm realizing, in the middle of the busy season, that if I wait that long these posts will never make their way up! :)

I completely adore this family. I get to photograph them a few times a year and the collection of images that we've created together to document their family is so special. They seem like family to me now and that's my ultimate dream for every one of my clients, really. 

I knew that the State Fair was a huge tradition for them, so when they asked if I'd be up for photographing them there I couldn't jump on it fast enough. Yes Yes Yes, of course! If you have something that you do every single year with your family and it's a special tradition to you, OF COURSE I want to document that for you! 

I'm hoping that 2016 brings more adventures like these and more honest exploring of places that you love. I wish we would have had even more time together to dive into some food, more games, crazy animals (I could watch the crazy-looking rabbits for hours) and all of that State Fair insanity. For now, though, here's a quick hour at the Minnesota State Fair: