Lara + Firas + Maya + Reema

This photography business, like a lot of other small businesses, is a one-woman show, and sometimes the hats that you have to wear stack so high that some of them fall off; this giant analogy is my attempt at an overly-elaborate explanation for why I stopped blogging last year and never started again. I've been formulating a perfectly-worded blog post in my mind, trying to sum up absolutely everything and re-launch my blogging hat with the perfect amount of grace and purpose. 

But I've been formulating that blog post for so long that it'll be another year before it's finished, so I decided it's best if I lose the hat analogies and the explanations and just dive right in. You get it, right? I don't need to explain it? Blah blah, things get busy, blah blah, blogging moves down the priority list, blah blah... blah...

I'm going to try to catch you up on the last year's worth of absolutely incredible clients and I can't wait to show you the images that we created together and the moments that crossed in front of my camera. I'm not going to hold myself to doing them in order, or to sticking to a schedule (ok, I'll TRY...), I'm just going to show them to you as I randomly choose and hope you enjoy the ride. 

I'm going to start off with my newest session, sweet little Reema, her big sister, Maya, and such loving parents, Lara and Firas, who you've seen before, on a frigid fall day by Lake of the Isles. This time we stayed inside, extra warm and toasty. 

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