Laurie + Robin + Lydia + Holden

I couldn't be more excited for family portrait season to roll around again now that the sun is shining a little more frequently (as I write this, though... it's snowing...). It's always nice to hibernate a little bit throughout the winter, step back, breathe, evaluate everything that worked and everything that could be better, but then spring rolls around and it's GO TIME in full force and I get to run around with rad families again and I couldn't love my life any more than I already do. 

This family definitely made me feel that way and I was happy to spend an evening with them drawing with chalk (check out that rad face that Lydia drew! We all turned around and suddenly there was a perfect cartoon at the end of Lydia's piece of chalk), turning a found stick into a mustache, or a unicorn, or a lollipop, playing peek-a-boo in bushes, practicing our basketball skills, running running and more running ("¡MAS RUNNING!", says Holden), skipping rocks into Lake Harriet ("Sara! Take a picture of the waves it makes!"), exploring the Peace Garden, and climbing the mountain on the way back to their house. 

Basically, a very perfect spring evening, now with photos to remember it forever: