Michelle + Izze

I've known Michelle since grade school up in good ol' Pequot Lakes and have vivid memories of sitting in her kitchen eating bread dipped in ranch dressing (no, really), while belting out Tom Petty. Specifically the entire Full Moon Fever album, word for word. I haven't seen her since we graduated high school (FOURTEEN FREAKING YEARS AGO), even though we realized during this session that we both went to the same college. 

Both of us moved west and are now back in Minneapolis and it was so fun to reconnect, reminisce, talk about our love for the mountains and the lakes and most of all, finally meet her sweet little munchkin, Isabel. 

They have the sweetest little connection and it's so fun (and a little surreal) to see Michelle as a mother. The most adorable mother. Little Izze is a lucky little lady and I hope that we get to see much more of each other now that we're back in the same city again. <3