Nancy + Luca + Alexia

I had to laugh as I was editing through these photos and getting them ready to post because the whole time I was hanging out with these sweet family little Alexia was mesmerized by rocks. We threw them, stacked them, tried eating them, picked them up by the handfuls, rolled around in them, you name it. 

The reason this is funny (for me) is because a few weeks ago while I was driving my car got hit by a bus (this isn't the funny part yet ;) ). Last week when I picked my car up from the auto body shop I noticed that there were rocks thrown EVERYWHERE in my car and it took me a few minutes to realize that these were all of the rocks, feathers, sticks and other found elements that I had gathered on various adventures around the country. I always put them in the consoles and pockets of my car and apparently during the crash they got catapulted all over the place. 

So, little Alexia, keep collecting those rocks and keep finding yourself in complete awe of nature; never lose that. But maybe watch out for buses.