Wall of Love Slideshow!

This weekend I'm getting married to the love of my life, so I found it only fitting that I post a slideshow from the Wall of Love to celebrate and for all of you to enjoy as I take the next week+ to drive west with my husband (husband!), abandon work and just enjoy our life together. 

Before the slideshow, though, some shoutouts and some gushing. At the end of last year I had talked to my studio-mate/amazing illustrator/Drawn Well owner/all around bad ass, Lisa Troutman, about drawing a wall for some photo sessions that I was planning around Valentine's Day. After the initial wall was drawn the inauguration happened, chaos ensued and I felt the strong need to take some actionable steps forward. I asked Lisa if we could expand the wall and make it something more political + loving + uplifting + hopeful + inclusive so I could do some more photo sessions to benefit organizations that are working hard, and have been working hard for years, to bring positive change to our nation, and our state of Minnesota. Lisa said YES, without any hesitation, and got to work making this incredible, beautiful wall, affectionately referred to as the Wall Of Love. 

Then, you all stepped in. I originally had set aside two days to do photo shoots all day, with all of the session fees going straight to the ACLU and Take Action Minnesota. Those two days filled up so quickly that I added two more, and my entire February was spent hanging out with amazing families and kids and adults that feel like big kids, creating photos that added a little bit of hope and happiness to our lives, without neglecting the political atmosphere that we all found ourselves in. 

You guys raised thousands of dollars that I was able to pass on to organizations with a proven track record of being amazing at what they do and you lifted so many spirits, including my own every day as I've been working nonstop on these photos. 


The slideshow is embedded below, but I highly suggest viewing it bigger + bolder + better over here.