Jessie + Chris + Izzy + Leo + Delia at Sweetland Orchard

This sunshine lately is definitely making me excited for those late summer nights where the daylight lasts forever and it feels like you can pack 3 days worth of activities into 1. 

If you've followed my photography for any amount of time you probably know that it's no secret that these guys are some of my very faves. I started nannying for them when I first moved back to Minneapolis from Tacoma and Delia was a teeny tiny baby, so it's extra special to be able to look back on this incredible archive of images we've created, for these people I love so much, that tell such a fun story of their entire history as a family of 5 (6 including their Newfoundland, Bear, of course!). 

Huge shoutout to Sweetland Orchard in Webster, MN for being so gracious and letting us run around their stunning orchard for a little bit and extra shoutout to nature for providing this unreal fall light.