Welcome to Hello Buffalo!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new name of Sara Montour Photography: Hello Buffalo!

Where to even start?! 

For 15 years I've been putting all of my photography under my own name, as Sara Montour Photography. Over the past couple of years some things have shifted that have made me consider changing that. One is that I got married last year and added on my husband's name, just to complicate things legally. :) I've also been doing more and more work for bigger brands, commercial clients, ad agencies, etc., and I've felt like my family + kids portrait photography has gotten a little bit lost in the shuffle. Because of that I decided that it was finally time to create a separate portrait studio where all of that work could really shine and grow. After all, I've been documenting the legacies of the most amazing families for over a decade and plan to continue that for as long as I can lift a camera and make your kiddo laugh. :)

The first step of this whole process was to call on some kick ass graphic designers to tackle a giant rebrand for me. I came with the name, a nod to my favorite magical midwest-based creature, and Matt Kuglitsch + Laura Kuglitsch tag-teamed the design to create the cutest little portrait studio mascot I've ever seen:

Hello Buffalo Portrait Studio
Hello Buffalo Modern Portrait Photography in Minneapolis, Minnesota


In celebration of this launch and in total excitement of the future of Hello Buffalo I'm announcing a couple of awesome specialty portrait opportunities. 

1: I want to do a family adventure session in every single state park in Minnesota. 

It's hard to overstate my love of the outdoors and the extreme importance I place on public lands. Some of my very favorite moments during childhood involve exploring the incredible public land Minnesota has to offer with my family and I would love to join on your family adventure to document it along the way so you can relive those memories over and over for the rest of your lives. 

In celebration of the launch of Hello Buffalo, and in appreciation of Minnesota's public lands I'm offering a crazy special for the first session done in each of our State Parks (and one of my favorite State Rec Areas!). 

The first session booked in each State Park will get ALL OF THE DIGITAL FILES FOR FREE. These sessions will definitely have over 100 final, edited photos each, which means you get well over $1000 of goods at no cost, along with the usual 30% discount for the first 2 weeks your gallery is up if you want to utilize that to purchase additional prints + products. 

I'm also taking care of all of my travel expenses, lodging, food, etc., and am providing you with an Annual State Park pass so you can keep the adventures going throughout the entire year. The only thing you have to pay for is the session fee, and your adventure.

Let's explore!

State Park Adventure Sessions!
State Park:
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2: One more day of Winter Wall Sessions!

Before I paint over the amazing Winter Wall that Lisa of Drawn Well created in our studio, and before spring is officially upon us, I wanted to do one more day of Winter Wall Sessions.

Sessions are a 10 quick minutes, which is exactly enough time to get great photos without getting burnt out, or having your kiddo melt down, by having to smile for the camera for any longer. If you'd like more time, though, feel free to book two back-to-back sessions and you'll get 30 minutes instead of just 10.

2-3 weeks after your session I'll upload 10+ proofs into an online gallery for you and provide you with a 30% discount code that's good for 2 weeks, so you can create your own perfect collection of images.

Winter Wall · March 18, 2018
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How could I celebrate the launch without that?! There are some fun new products in the galleries, as well, so take a look around and enter the code "HELLOBUFFALO" to take advantage of the discount.

And that's that! One bajillion thanks to everyone that's been part of this journey with me, and to all of the families and kiddos that I've had the honor of photographing so far. You guys are a dream and I wouldn't want to spend my days in any other way. 

Please follow along on instagram and on facebook. I'll also be posting a ton of new sessions that have never been blogged before, and pulling out some of my favorite photos from the archive. 

Happy 2018!