Alissa + Mark + Sloane + Rowan at Home

Alissa and I had talked a few months before her due date about setting up a session to welcome the newest little lady into the family. There was a tight window of time where the calendars could line up perfectly and, magically, little Rowan totally saved the day by making her entrance into the world a little sooner than expected, which meant that we all got to spend a perfect afternoon together, gushing over that brand new sweet baby and cracking up nonstop at her hilarious big sister, Sloane.

I adore this rad family and am so honored to be able to document this milestone as they turn into a family of four. I can’t imagine all the fun (and trouble) that Sloane + Rowan are going to have together and am glad that Sloanie is practicing her photography skills so that she can document all the mayhem in between our sessions.

Also, a huge shout out to Alissa for making me cry right away in the morning with her super sweet instagram post: 💛💛💛

If you ever find yourself in breathless need to just freeze time, have @saramontourlewis come over and spend a couple of hours instantly becoming part of your family, making you laugh and relax into a version of yourself you recognize from before the days and nights blurred together in newborn bliss, making your aspiring photographer-toddler come alive on a new level, and making your house appear umpteen-times cleaner than it actually was. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is. #rowanmatilda was just a wee two weeks then, and somehow is already eight weeks today. I can’t thank you enough for these, sweet Sara. 💛