2016 November Holiyay Sessions!

(AKA: The Procrastinator Sessions ;) )

$150 · 30 minutes

In your backyard in Minneapolis or Saint Paul

(If you live outside of MSP, just email me first at sara@saramontour.com so I can make sure there's enough travel time in the schedule)

20 - 30 edited proofs in an online gallery for you to choose from

The cutest photos of you and yours

November 12th
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November 4th
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October 29th
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Does it have to be in my backyard?

Yes and no. At this time of year it tends to work the best in case the weather is crazy and we have to jump inside to warm up for a little bit. If your family is cold hardy and wants to venture outdoors to a local park, though, I'm all for it. 


Ok, the backyard sounds best, but everything in my yard is now brown and dead. 

True story, we missed the beautiful fall colors, however, the bare winter trees look pretty great in photos and these are all about the connections between your family. We can make anything work, I promise. Promise twice, even. 


What should we wear?

Whatever you all feel great in. The only hard and fast rule is to avoid giant text or logos, but feel free to go crazy with colors if you'd like and let everyone's individual personalities show. 


Do I get to keep the 20-30 edited proofs?

Nope. Those are just proofs so you can choose exactly which ones you would like to order and save forever. You do have the option of purchasing digital files, however, if you'd like to have the digital negatives. You can see a full list of pricing + products here.


What if the weather is insane?

This is the gamble we're taking by scheduling a session this late in the year, but we're Minnesotans, right? We wear this weather like a badge of honor, so let's prove it. We'll try to work with whatever weather we have, even if that means suiting up in hats and mittens (which are adorable in photos!), or sticking inside by a big ol' window.


What if I have to reschedule?

Your session fee reserves your specific date and time, so it is nonrefundable, however, if we have to reschedule for any reason at all your session fee is 100% transferrable to another date.