I have my photos; now what?! 

I'm glad you asked! (or I asked for you, but I knew that's what you were thinking!) 

Your 30% discount applies to any print + product + album + package, so you're really able to pick exactly what you would like and create your own custom collection based on what works best in your home and how you're most excited to display your photos. 

If you have any questions, or are confused about what the best option is, I would love to talk about it or get together and go through all of your photos and the options in person. You, likely, already have an album design on your proofing site and I can also put together mock ups for what the wall galleries look like, or pretty much anything else that you're considering. This is the fun part where you get to choose how these photos stay in your life and hopefully printed and displayed instead of as a file on a hard drive, never to be seen again. 

Individual prints, digital files and small print collections can be purchased in your gallery.

For albums and framed wall galleries, please contact me so we can start customizing them for you!


* It's really, really important to me that what I offer to the amazing people that I get to photograph is within financial reach. Because of that, if finances are a road block, please talk to me and I would be more than happy to setup a payment plan that takes any financial strain off and makes it more feasible for you to take these moments that we documented and treasure them forever. 


I've been wanting to offer the perfect albums for years and have finally come across some that I absolutely love and am so excited about. I really believe that an album, which you can keep for a lifetime (or more!) is the best way to document your session and the way to get the very most out of your photos. For my regular clients, I also can't imagine a better way to document how your family is growing than with individual albums from each session.

I design the albums so they best tell the story of our session together, regardless of number of pages. I usually do so in 10-20 spreads (20-30 pages), then you're able to choose if you'd like it printed exactly as is, or if you would like to add/subtract pages. 10 spreads (20 pages) are included with every album at no additional cost. 

Albums come with a blind-embossed cover of the family member's names + the month & year of the session. The albums come with a gorgeous cloth cover, but you're also able to upgrade to a premium leather cover. 



Album Options

  • $1500 · 12x12 album + the full collection of files on a USB drive
  • $1000 · 8x8 album + 10 files, delivered electronically
  • $500 · 6x6 album 

Album Extras

Extra Spreads (2 pages) (the first 10 spreads are included at no cost)

  • $30 · 12x12
  • $20 · 8 x 8
  • $10  · 6 x 6

Leather Cover Upgrade

  • $200 · 12x12
  • $150  · 8 x 8
  • $100  · 6 x 6


  • First 2 rounds of revisions are at no additional cost. 
  • Extra revisions are $50 each.

* albums + extras are all eligible for the 30% discount that you receive within the first 2 weeks that your gallery is active.


FRAMED [ 1 ] - $700

  • two 16x20" prints framed + matted to 20x24"
  • one 20x20" print framed + matted to 24x24"

FRAMED [ 2 ] - $700

  • two 16x20" prints framed + matted to 20x24"
  • two 11x14" prints framed + mated to 16x20"

FRAMED [ 3 ] - $800

  • two 11x14" prints framed + matted to 16x20"
  • two 8x10" prints framed + matted to 11x14"
  • four 5x7" prints framed + matted to 8x10"

FRAMED [ 4 ] - $900

  • four 16x20" prints framed + matted to 20x24"
  • one 5x7" print framed + matted to 8x10"
  • one 4x6" print framed + matted to 5x7"

FRAMED [ 5 ] - $1,000

  • three 10x20" framed prints
  • three 20x20" framed prints





  • $10 - wallets (8), 4x6, 5x7
  • $25 - 8x10, 8x12, 11x14
  • $50 - 12x18, 16x20, 16x24
  • $100 - 20x30, 24x30, 24x36
  • $200 - 30x40


  • $150 - 5x7, 8x10, 10x10, 12x12
  • $300 - 10x20, 12x18, 16x16, 16x20, 16x24, 20x20
  • $600 - 20x30, 24x36, 30x30, 30x40
  • $1,200 - 40x60




10x10 COLLECTION · $400

  • ten 8-up wallets
  • ten 4x6 prints
  • ten 5x7 prints
  • ten 8x10 prints

5x5 COLLECTION · $220

  • five 8-up wallets
  • five 4x6 prints
  • five 5x7 prints
  • five 8x10 prints


  • ten 8x10 prints


  • twenty 5x7 prints


  • twenty 4x6 prints


High resolution digital files come with a print release for personal use so you're able to print them as many times, and as large, as you would like.

Individual files are delivered electronically. Full sessions are delivered both electronically and on a custom wooden USB drive.

  • $500 · full collection of digital files
  • $25 · single files